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The Hatter


Meet the "Hatter"

- Allegra Davis

As a child, I remember my father coming home from a long ride with Ranchero Visitadores smelling of horses and a campfire. His spurs would ring as he walked through the door, he’d tip his hat and say “Hey Darlin’!” That simple gesture of tipping his hat has stayed with me throughout my life. A sign of respect, an omen to tradition; the gentleman’s way. 

My mother introduced me to haute couture at a young age, taking me to fashion houses to appreciate the delicate beauty of rare materials hand sewn to create one of a kind pieces. This led me to move to Paris, to explore European culture and fashion.

My love of horses and riding developed when I was a young girl, eventually turning my passion into a career. In 2017 I had a major accident, leaving me with a brain injury. I was able to fully recover and I continue to ride today.


One day while sitting in my garage, I decided to take apart some old cowboy hats I had. Hats I absolutely loved. Just how I learned about the parts of a saddle or bridle, I learned about hats by taking them apart. I read old millinery books, got my hands dirty and figured it out. These old hats have been loved, worn, thrown in dirt, but it has a beauty to it - a story. 
My love for horses, old west lifestyle, and high end fashion led me to start Caliber Hat Co. A luxury, handmade item meant to be worn, loved and most importantly, create a story as unique as its owner. A story passed down from generation to generation, leaving a legacy behind. 

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