A hat is a part of you, your soul, and your character.

Step 1: Measurements


Our Master Hatter will take your measurements with a tape measure and conformature to get the most accurate representation of your head. This allows your hat to fit like a glove! 


Step 2: Choose Your Felt


Ask our hatter for the differences between the felts! We have an in-store collection for you to see differences in feel, colors, and weights.


Rabbit - Starting Price $900

Nutria - Starting Price $1000

Beaver - Starting Price $1100


Step 3: Crown & Brim Shape


The crown shape refers to the top of the hat. Choose from any of the shapes shown in the store or any other you have seen! 


The brim refers to the sides and front of the hat. Interested in a flat brim? Cowboy flares? Pencil curl?


Step 4: Hat Band


Choose from a wide variety of colors of ribbons and speciality hat bands, or have our hatter create you something from scratch!


Step 5: Accessories & Feathers


We have a variety of choices in-store. Speciality accessories and feathers can be ordered if you have something specific in mind!


Additional Customizations 


Branding - Check out our selection of mini branding irons and make your hat ranch worthy


Sweatband Stitching - Personalize the sweatband with fancy stitching

Custom Liners - Each hat is lined with our signature red and pewter liners displaying our logo. If you would rather have a custom liner, that can be done! Vintage designer silk scarves, vibrant colors, or specialized fabrics can all be made to line your hat!

Ask our hatter for advice! She won’t “steer” you wrong ;)

Virtual fittings can be done as well! Email us for more information.